Mayor 101, again: Five Great Places

While I’m in no hurry to have Summer end, I am very excited to be teaching again the Fall at the University of Minnesota. Last Winter’s class Mayor 101 will be followed this Fall by “Mayor 101:5 Great Places.” (Sign up at either Arch5750 or PA5290).
The course, taught jointly with the Humphrey School and the College of Design, will look at politics, business and design challenge behind creating five great new places in the state of Minnesota.
Three of the sites we will examine will be in the metro area:
*Downtown East, including the stadium, the Yard and Samatar Crossing
*Opening Lake and Nicollet, and the proposed 29th St. Greenway
*A site to be determined in St. Paul
Two sites will be in Greater Minnesota:
*Rochester’s Destination Medical Center redevelopment.
*Duluth’s plan to redevelop the neighborhoods on the St. Louis River’s path into Lake Superior.
(The class will include optional field trips to Rochester and Duluth.)

Each of these sites is being created now so we hope the papers and materials you create in the class can have an impact on making them even greater places. Hope to see you or someone you know in class this Fall.

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