Mayor Rybak, Council Members: President’s Immigration-Reform Proposal Reflects Minneapolis Values

Mayor: President’s proposal pulls everyone who can contribute to our success out of the shadows

January 29, 2013 (MINNEAPOLIS) — Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, along with City Council Vice President Robert Lilligren and Council Member Elizabeth Glidden, today expressed support for President Obama’s proposal for comprehensive federal immigration reform, saying that it is based in Minneapolis values and will strengthen the city’s neighborhoods and economy.

Mayor Rybak encouraged Congress to begin action on the President’s proposal immediately.

“We know in Minneapolis that in order to for our neighborhoods to prosper and our city to succeed on the global stage, we need everyone. Luckily for us, people have come to our city from around the world to help us do just that,” Mayor Rybak said.

“President Obama’s immigration-reform proposal today pulls everyone who can contribute to our success out the shadows and gives them a chance to work and to play by the same rules as everybody else. His plan lays the essential groundwork for our economic success and the future of the American Dream, not only in Minneapolis but in every corner of our country,” Mayor Rybak added.

“I encourage Congress to act on the President’s proposal immediately — not as Republicans and Democrats, but as fellow Americans. Everyone’s success depends on their success.”

On January 24, 2013, the Intergovernmental Relations Committee, which is composed of all 13 City Council members, unanimously added to the City’s federal legislative agenda a set of principles for federal immigration reform. Many of these principles are directly reflected in the comprehensive immigration-reform package that President Obama proposed in Las Vegas today.

The full City Council will vote formally on Friday, February 1 to include these principles in the City’s federal legislative agenda.

Council Vice President Lilligren, who chairs the Council’s Committee of the Whole, said, “The principles of federal immigration reform that the City Council will adopt on Friday reflect the dreams and vision of our newest city residents. They emerged from the Latino Engagement Task Force through a community-engagement process to empower people to influence City-government decisions to shape their city and their lives.”

Council Member Glidden, chair of the Council’s Intergovernmental Relations Committee, said, “I thank the President for taking a tremendous step forward on one of our nation’s most pressing issues: fixing our broken immigration system. In Minneapolis, we’re proud to have worked with a strong coalition of community members to identify the principles that are most important to us in comprehensive, fair immigration reform, and I’m pleased that the President’s proposal today reflects so many of these principles.

“President Obama clearly understands that respect for the dignity of all people and their families, no matter their origin, is at the core of making sure that we are not a nation divided, but a nation that builds on our strengths.”


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