Water service will resume today to buildings affected by water main break

Temporary service will be in place for six buildings until permanent repairs can be completed

Jan. 6, 2013 (MINNEAPOLIS) Water service will be restored for all customers who were affected by Thursday’s water main break around 10 p.m. this evening. Repairs to the broken water transmission line are ongoing, but a backup service using temporary lines is being put in place for the six buildings that have been without water since the break. The water will be available for household tasks, however, it will take about 24 hours to test the water to ensure it’s drinkable, so anyone who wants to drink the water in those buildings is advised to boil it first. City staff are notifying people in the affected buildings about the restoration of water service, and they will receive an update once the water testing is completed and it is confirmed to be safe to drink. Again, this advisory only applies to the six buildings that have been without water since the break, and other folks who experienced water issues on Thursday do not need to boil their water– it is safe to drink.

Approximately 14 million gallons of water flowed out of the system following a break in a water transmission line at a construction site Thursday afternoon. Crews have been working around the clock since that time to repair the break and restore normal water service. By Thursday evening, all but three blocks of 2nd Street North had water service fully restored, including every bar and restaurant in the area. The buildings that will be placed on a temporary water service are on 2nd Street North, between 3rd Avenue North and Hennepin Avenue.

Meanwhile, the City has reopened most streets affected by the water main break. In addition to removing water and ice, crews are also made sure the streets themselves were not damaged by the excess water. All streets are now reopened except two in the immediate vicinity of the break. While northbound Hennepin Avenue is open to traffic, two blocks of southbound Hennepin Avenue are closed, from 1st Street to Washington Avenue. A block of 2nd Street North is also closed, from Hennepin Avenue to 1st Avenue North.


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