Delaying the implementation of RNAV.

On behalf of Minneapolis residents, I am testifying today at the Metropolitan Airports Commission in favor of delaying the implementation of the new navigation system called RNAV.

In the short term, we need more time for community review and input: the MAC’s process has not provided enough time or information for the public to completely understand the impact of the proposed navigation changes.

Just as importantly, in the long term, we need more time so that the MAC can conduct a rigorous environmental review of RNAV as part of its Long Term Comprehensive Plan. The MAC needs to show the residents of Minneapolis and Edina — indeed, of the entire metro region — how they will effectively and responsibly manage the growth in traffic from the proposed airport expansion.

MSP airport plays a vital role in making Minneapolis and our entire metro area economically competitive on the national and global stages. We can and must remain competitive in the context of carefully crafting a plan that accounts for the needs of the airport and the residents of Minneapolis and Edina.

I thank Council Members Sandy Colvin Roy and John Quincy for leading on this important issue, and I thank everyone who has contacted the MAC and my office about it. Please continue to make your voices heard.


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