The built-to-last economy will level the playing field for the middle class

President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight is a road map for an America that’s built to last, the America the middle-class deserves.

But before we get to that, let’s start with some indisputable facts: after inheriting an economic catastrophe, President Obama has delivered 22 straight months of private-sector job growth. Mayors like me across the country have benefited from his leadership in putting cops on the street, teachers in the classroom and unemployed workers back on the job — including in the auto industry, which made one million more cars last year because of the President’s bold leadership. He has also delivered critical investments in small business, including upgrades in homegrown energy, which have created hundreds of thousands of new jobs that didn’t even exist before. He’s made it less expensive to go to college, made it possible for millions who never had it to get on healthcare, and made it possible for millions more to stay on healthcare and not go bankrupt.

In short, the President’s leadership has delivered for America’s middle class.

The built-to-last economy that President Obama laid out tonight will keep leveling the playing field for the middle class. The President’s vision for America is one in which people who work hard, do their fair share and play by the rules will no longer be swimming upstream, but will actually get ahead.

That’s just common sense.