Mayor Rybak, Atlanta Mayor Reed Place Friendly Wager as Lynx Head to WNBA Finals

Minnesota apples vs.Georgia peaches at stake as Minnesota Lynx meet Atlanta Dream to decide national championship

September 30, 2011 (MINNEAPOLIS) — Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed today placed a friendly wager on the outcome of the WNBA championship series between the Minneapolis-based Minnesota Lynx and the Atlanta Dream. The best-of-five series begins Sunday night at the City of Minneapolis-owned Target Center.

The mayors agreed to put up a season’s worth of fresh produce from local farms. Mayor Rybak is wagering SweeTango® apples from Pepin Heights Orchards in Lake City,Minnesota against Mayor Reed’s wager of peaches from Farmer D Organics Garden Center in Atlanta.

Mayor Rybak said, “The Lynx are just three wins away from bringing the championship home to Minneapolis, and we as a city are united in cheering them on as they close out an exciting and historic season. And we’ve had good luck with SweeTango apples so far, too, so I’m sticking with them as well.”

“Mayor Rybak knows that there is more than one way to skin a cat, so we’ll put up our peaches against their apples any day,” said Mayor Kasim Reed. “The Atlanta Dream are on a hot streak right now, winning all but three games since August 13. They have just three more wins before they bring home the championship.

“The city of Atlantacongratulates our Dream Team for being the 2011 Eastern Conference Champions. We are with them all the way,” Mayor Reed continued.

Mayor Rybak countered, “If Mayor Reed thinks he’s going to get to taste our apples, he’s really Dreaming.”

Mayor Rybak won a basket of Arizona hot sauces in his friendly wager with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon last week when the Minnesota Lynx beat the Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA Western Conference finals.


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