Links to media coverage of 35W Remembrance Garden dedication

I wanted to share with you some links to media coverage of yesterday’s dedication of the 35W Remembrance Garden, a beautiful new public space that is a permanent memorial to those who were lost in the 35W bridge collapse, those who survived it, and those who responded with heroism, compassion and humanity. We dedicated the garden yesterday on the fourth anniversary of that terrible day, ending the dedication at 6:05 p.m., the moment the bridge collapsed and all of our lives changed forever.

As you look through these links, I hope you will focus above all on the words and images of the loved ones of those who were lost and of those who were on the bridge that day and survived. To say that is has been an honor for my wife Megan and I to know these strong, inspiring people for the last four years is a great understatement. Sharing their grief, pain and strengh with them in some small way has been one of the most meaningful experiences of our lives.

Now this Remembrance Garden is woven into the fabric of our city forever. It is the part of common ground that we all share. If you haven’t visited it yet, I hope you will have the opportunity to do so soon, and I hope you will let us know what it means to you.

Star Tribune: Loved ones honored at I-35W dedication
Pioneer Press: Four years after I-35W bridge collapse, a community remembers disaster’s victims
MPR: Hundreds turn out to dedication of 35W bridge memorial
MPR: Slideshow: Dedication of 35W Bridge Remembrance Garden
WCCO: I-35W Memorial Remembers Dead, Celebrates Survivors
WCCO: Bridge Survivor Recalls Collapse, Remembers The Dead
WCCO: Victims Of 35W Bridge Collapse Continue To Inspire
Fox 9: 35W Bridge Collapse Memorial Dedicated
KARE: Honoring the bridge collapse victims, four years later
KSTP: New Memorial Honors Victims on 4th Anniversary of 35W Bridge Collapse
KSTP: SLIDESHOW: 35W Bridge Collapse Memorial
MinnPost: New 35W bridge memorial honors those who died — and the community that disaster brought together
CityPages: Victims families speak at I-35W bridge memorial [VIDEO]
CityPages: I-35W Bridge collapse survivor Mercedes Gorden shares recovery photos
InForum (Associated Press): Minneapolis dedicates bridge collapse memorial
InForum: Pollie Parnell and her nephew look at the memorial

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