Mayor Rybak’s statement on health-insurance reform and Republican “repeal”

Mayor Rybak today made the following statement about the benefits of President Obama’s health-insurance reform and congressional Republicans’ attempts to “repeal” it:

“There’s no two ways about it: health-insurance reform is doing more to help middle-class families than any other act in decades — and that’s saying a lot, coming as it does from a President who has done more in just his first two years in office to help the middle class than any other president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Health-insurance reform covers more Americans, makes health care more affordable, cuts the deficit and helps grow the economy. As its benefits are phased in, Americans are seeing how it is making their lives better.

“Not surprisingly, powerful special interests oppose making live better for the middle class — and not surprisingly, Congressional Republicans are doing their bidding by staging a meaningless bit of political theater they call ‘repeal.’ In so doing, they are betraying the trust that Americans placed in them to actually cooperate with President Obama to help people get back to work.”


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