You’re not alone

The folks at PFund — a great local community foundation that advances the cause of social justice for LGBT people and communities in the Upper Midwest, and one of  only a handful of foundations in America that is run by and for LGBT communities — are doing their part to combat bullying of LGBT youth. I am honored that they’ve asked me to help in a short video they’ve just released, called “You’re Not Alone,” that you can watch here.

I was lucky: I was able to be myself growing up, without the challenges many LGBT youth have. I want every young person to be as lucky as I was, to feel comfortable in their own skin and accepted by their family, peers and the overall community.    

Take a minute to watch the video — then take another minute do or say something to help a young person who may be struggling right now. Even one little act of kindness or word of encouragement can really make a difference.


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