Minneapolis Police Awarded for Reducing Juvenile Crime

Yesterday the Minneapolis Police Department was recognized for the significant and notable progress that has been made in the city to reduce juvenile crime.  The Webber Seavey award is presented annually to police agencies and departments worldwide who make extraordinary contributions to the quality of life in local communities.  This year, I am proud to say that the Minneapolis Police Department has received that honor.

Presented by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in conjunction with Motorola, the award was accepted by Chief Dolan for the department’s Juvenile Focused Policing initiative.  Put in place in 2006, the initiative sought to address cooperation among stakeholders, investigation and prosecution of crime, intervention with low level offenders and putting officers into the school environment to provide a meaningful resource for students and staff.

The success of Juvenile Focused Policing, in conjunction with other city-wide initiatives such as the Blueprint for Action to Prevent Youth Violence, has produced a dramatic drop in crime.  In the three years following the implementation of the police department’s program, the city has seen a nearly 1/3 reduction in juvenile part I arrests and a similar reduction in juveniles as suspects.

It is wonderful to see the success in Minneapolis recognized and the MPD is congratulated on receiving this prestigious honor.


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