American Craft Council Relocates to Minneapolis

As America is recovering from the current recession, Minneapolis is growing and is open for business.  Last week we announced that the American Craft Council, a major organization that has been headquartered in New York for nearly 66 years, has decided to relocate to the more favorable business climate here in Minneapolis.  We in the city are ready to welcome them with open arms.

The Craft Council will formally open their new offices in Minneapolis next July and will be the newest members of the incredibly robust and already vibrant arts scene we have here in Minneapolis.  The metro region is home to the third-highest number of museums in the entire country.  Nearly 9,000 people work in the non-profit arts and culture sector in our city and the number is growing.

As part of their relocation, the council plans to bring their library, the nation’s largest collection of print and visual materials regarding American craft, right here to its new space.   Minneapolis will soon be home to more than 6,400 books, 7,000 exhibition catalogs, 700 bound volumes of leading periodicals, and an accompanying database, all of which will be open to visitors.  This is very exciting.

In addition to the impressive collection and contribution to the arts scene, the Craft Council will bring jobs and attention.  They regularly put on juried craft shows, conferences & education programs, and publish a magazine. I’m thrilled that the American Craft Council has decided to join the culture landscape of Minneapolis.  They are going to be a great addition to our community.


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