Mill District City Apartments: a housing market turn-around

Mill City

Yesterday I was proud to break ground on an exciting housing project that is going to bring life and investment to downtown Minneapolis. A block from the banks of the Mississippi River, yesterday we helped launch construction on Mill District City apartments, a new $25 Million project at the corner of Washington & Portland avenues, in what was an empty and vacant lot right in heart of the Mill district. The project is being done by Village Green with persistent and full support from the city of Minneapolis in conjunction with a wide array of community partners who are actively contributing to the economic recovery of our city.

Projects like this are going to give a boost to our economy, hiring local workers and using Minnesota businesses. Once occupied, the building will provide hundreds of new customers for local businesses and provide $350,000 for the city of Minneapolis. Additionally, the building is also going to adhere to the National Green Building Standard. All of which is great news. A project like this one shows that even in these tough economic times, when financing and development is hard to come by, the city’s economy is growing and Minneapolis is open for business!


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