Pres. Obama nominates Mpls. Officer as US Marshal

Congratulations to Minneapolis Assistant Police Chief Sharon Lubinski for being nominated this week by President Obama to be a U.S. marshal.  Thanks to Senator Amy Klobuchar for recommending Lubinski’s nomination.

I am incredibly happy for Assistant Chief Lubinski, this nomination is entirely deserved, and I think that President Obama made the right choice. In her years of service to the City of Minneapolis, Sharon has been a shining example of what a Minneapolis officer should be. She has not only been an excellent leader within the city and our community, but is also one of the most empathetic and caring police officers I have ever met.

Lubinski has served with the Minneapolis police department for 20 years and has been involved in law enforcement for nearly three decades. The nomination is notable in that her appointment would make her the first openly gay person in history to serve as a U.S. marshal. She would also be one of only two active female marshals in the entire country. Lubinski’s nomination is historic, but then again, Sharon is used to making history. I have no doubt in my mind that her courage, tenacity, and empathy will make her a terrific U.S. marshal.


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