More acclaim for our plan to keep kids safe

Minneapolis continues to gain incredible national recognition for its innovative and unique approach to preventing youth violence.  In a new report, the National League of Cities, the nation’s largest and oldest organization of municipalities, recognized Minneapolis’ “Blueprint for Youth Violence Prevention” as one of the three most innovative models for dealing with this issue in the entire country.  Minneapolis was singled out for its innovation, originality and success in dealing with youth violence.

The new report says that “Minneapolis has successfully reframed youth violence as a public health issue through an extensive process of planning and community engagement which has united and galvanized community leaders and residents around a broader vision of youth violence prevention.” 

I take great pride in Minneapolis’ unique approach to the problem of youth violence.  Our “Blueprint for Youth Violence Prevention” pushes us to view the problem through a public health lens, calling for a multi-faceted, community wide response to prevent violence in the first place.  That’s just what Minneapolis has done, it has worked, and people are beginning to notice.

We’ve seen dramatic drops in youth violence and crime due to our approach.  Juvenile crime has declined by 29%since 2007 and declined 37% since 2006.  We have a lot more work ahead until all our children feel safe, but we should be proud of the progress we’ve made and honored to be considered a model for other cities.

You can view the League of Cities’ report here:


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