Minneapolis to get $31M stimulus funds for green senior housing

Today I was proud to announce that as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) which President Obama signed last spring, Minneapolis is going to receive $31.8 Million to fund three new innovative and exciting housing projects.

In north Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) is going to be partnering with an array of community organizations to create a brand new senior community center that will provide a variety of medical, recreational and social services to the senior population.  Near that proposed community center, the ARRA funds will also be used to develop a new 48-unit green senior housing development.  This new development will provide housing and support to the frail and elderly, particularly those who have severe memory issues.  The innovative structure will utilize cutting edge, green technologies such as solar and geothermal to reduce energy costs and consumption and will also be built out of green materials designed to reduce the structure’s carbon footprint.  With these initiatives, we will be providing much needed housing for our senior population while building Minneapolis’ green economy and helping our environment in the process.

Additionally, these dollars will be used to make significant green improvements on 733 already existing MPHA properties.  Many of these properties have severely outdated energy and water systems that can be enhanced to be more efficient and to save energy.   These benefits will not only help our environment but also save taxpayer money in the long term.

These incredible investments in our community will give a boost to our green economy while helping some of our vulnerable senior population.  Minneapolis continues to be a strong competitor for recovery funds and innovative, beneficial projects like this illustrate why that is. Altogether, Minneapolis has already received nearly $100 million in federal stimulus funds from the ARRA.


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