Helping another small business grow: Holy Land Deli expands

Small businesses are the heart of our community and our economy. That’s why today I was absolutely thrilled to celebrate the grand opening of Holy Land’s new hummus production facility on Central Avenue in northeast Minneapolis. With the help of City financing, this great new facility will be the only hummus factory in the state of Minnesota and will be joined by a new Holy Land bakery.

Throughout its twenty years, Holy Land has consistently been an excellent community leader, continuing to give back and improve the area. Central Avenue once saw tough times, but Holy Land with this new facility and new bakery, has helped to turn the tide and get the area back on track. They have an ongoing pledge to donate five percent of their gross revenue to community causes, charities and schools.

The new Holy Land hummus factory is in what used to be a bar and a somewhat troublesome establishment. They bought the property for above market value and renovated it. And the new bakery is in a building that had stood vacant for nearly nine years. These expansions are creating local jobs and revitalizing the local economy.

When a small business like Holy Land does well, Minneapolis does well. That’s why the City of Minneapolis provided a 2% low interest small business loan of $150,000 to help Holy Land’s expansion effort. In the process new jobs will be created and the revitalization of our city will spread. I enthusiastically applaud Holy Land’s expansions and love everything that they have done for Minneapolis. Congratulations!


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