Kids on bikes is a good thing

It is so important that we instill in our children the importance of healthy living habits and practices.  That’sd why I was so pleased early yesterday morning to help launch a new program at Seward Montessori School that not only does just that, but also helps our environment, reduced traffic congestion, and strengthens a sense of community in our neighborhoods.  With the help of technology at Seward Montessori we can now give kids incentives to live healthier by walking or biking to school.

This new program uses radio frequency identification technology and a tag that students have affixed to their backpacks or helmets to incentivize exercising behaviors.  If the student backpacks or walks to school, the solar powered system detects that tag upon their arrival and logs the student’s use of alternative transportation.  Students can then receive a prize or incentive for commuting that way.  Seward is only one of a handful of schools in the country to do this. I couldnt be happier that they are leading the way.

By encouraging kids to live healthier, more active lives, our community as a whole will benefit in the long run.  If we teach our kids proper exercise and transportation habits now, as this program aims to do, they’ll develop practices that can keep them happy and healthy their entire lives. In the process, we will also be helping to create a more sustainable community.


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