Target Center gets new green roof

Yesterday, the city of Minneapolis once again proved that it deserves its reputation for being a leader when it comes to being green and sustainable. Yesterday we celebrated the completion of the new green roof atop the Target Center downtown. 

The new green roof, the largest green roof in the state, literally green and covered in vegetation, will not only have nearly twice the lifespan of a traditional roof, but also improve the downtown environment by reducing water runoff, help eliminate air pollution, and reduce energy costs for the arena. This city-owned Target Center now has the fifth largest green roof in the United States and is the first arena in North America to install a green roof.

The new green re-design represents the best of both worlds, saving our city money, while protecting and improving our environment. The arena was in need of a new roof, and because the construction cost differences between this new design and a traditional one were so minimal, it represented a huge opportunity for the city to take a giant green leap forward. Because of its extended life span, the sustainable roof will actually be cheaper, saving tax dollars in the long run.

With a growing zone averaging about 2” thick with plant life, the two and a half acre roof will prevent nearly a million gallons of storm drainage a year from entering the Mississippi river by having it absorbed by the vegetation. In addition, the roof will benefit our environment by reducing the heat island effect that occurs in downtown areas like ours. In fact, the temperature of the building’s roof may be reduced by as much as 80 degrees.  Further, all of the elements of the existing roof will be recycled and reused, rather than ending up in a landfill.

Cleaner air, cleaner water, and environmental innovation are some of the key principles that have kept Minneapolis strong and with this new addition to a city landmark, Minneapolis continues to lead.


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