My Statement on the Police Traffic Stop Video

We take incidents like this very seriously. We hold our police officers to high standards of conduct because it is essential that people know they can depend on the police to protect and serve. It is my hope that our police officers and community members always trust and respect each other.  

I have discussed the situation with Chief Dolan and I believe that the Chief is taking the right steps to address this incident by asking for an outside review by the FBI, as well as immediately conducting reviews by our Internal Affairs and Training Units.

Chief Dolan has a record of taking tough disciplinary action against officers when our high standards are not being met, and he has supported officers when they have acted appropriately in dangerous situations.

The video footage of this incident was captured from a police squad car video only because the City of Minneapolis has made the decision to place video camera technology into our squad cars. That decision to install cameras allows us to have the necessary tools to provide visual evidence to clarify complicated situations like this one.


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