Park Board Amendment Should Fail

Minneapolis voters should reject an attempt by the Park Board to gain unlimited taxing power. Sadly, it looks like a campaign has presented enough signatures to put this question on the ballot in November. 

Earlier this summer I opposed the failed ballot initiative that would have eliminated the MPRB, and now I also oppose this amendment, which would give an independent body unlimited power to raise property taxes without fixing the core challenges facing our parks.

Instead of trying to put half-baked ideas on the ballot, people need to focus on fielding youth sporting teams, building soccer fields, cleaning the lakes, and fixing other critical park issues. We have serious challenges facing our parks that I’m ready to help address, but people need to stop playing petty politics and spreading false fears about non-existent threats and instead focus on real problems.

This charter amendment is not about who loves parks or about an independent Park Board. The move to eliminate the Park Board failed overwhelmingly on June 3, in part because Council President Johnson and I helped kill it. We don’t need more distractions; we need to stay focused on fixing our parks and recreation centers.

As a lifelong resident who loves parks, I believe that our parks are an essential part of what makes Minneapolis great. But it is a mistake to think that because people love parks that they want huge tax increases without accountability. I am confident that voters will see through the misinformation used to collect these signatures and reject this amendment.


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