What you can do at National Night Out to make this a Safe Place To Call Home

Neighbors carrying hotdish, Jello, brownies and all kinds of foods will be setting up tables and chairs tonight in streets across Minnapolis….part of the largest National Night Out in the country.

This will be a great time to talk with your neighbors, but this year Night Out will be even more important for our goal of making every part of Minneapolis a safe place to call home.

We will be coming together to celebrate remarkable progress is driving down crime. We are also asking everyone in Minneapolis to use this night to build an even stronger connection with our police.

We are asking everyone in Minneapolis to sign up for our new Safety Alerts that you can receive by cell phone, through e-mail, or online. Anyone can sign up to stay connected with public safety news in their area, including crime alerts, community updates, and important advisories. Signing up http://www.nixle.com/. (On the page, you can find Minneapolis under the “Featured cities” section.)

This is one more step in our drive to spend this next few months developing neighborhood safety plans for all parts of the city…using input from residents and block clubs to impact where we put our police resources.  So have a good meal, meet more new neighbors and take a minute to sign up for alerts that can make you another partner in our effort to build, and protect, safe neighborhoods.

To find the full list of events, visit the City’s National Night Out web page .


2 Responses

  1. The safety alert system is enought to make a St Paulite like myself want to move to the other side of the river. We get snow emergency alerts all of the time to notify us to move our vehicles yet we can’t get crime alerts the same way? This is fantastic. Way to go MPLS!

    • Thanks olsonjolene. We hope that other cities will follow our lead. As with our 3-1-1 phone system, our wireless internet, Minneapolis is a city that strives to be on the cutting edge of technology that makes our city better and safer.

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