Forum to look at reducing youth violence

A look at how Minneapolis’ Blueprint to Prevent Youth Violence has helped reduce violent crime and homicides will be the focus of a forum to be held in north Minneapolis on Friday. Congressman Keith Ellison and I will lead a discussion on the City’s efforts to reduce youth violence in Minneapolis and explore future initiatives to address the needs of youth, law enforcement and residents. The forum is free and open to the public.

Forum on Reducing Youth Violence in Minneapolis

3 to 5 p.m., Friday, May 1
North Community Youth and Teen Enrichment Center YMCA
1711 W. Broadway Ave., Minneapolis

The forum will look at how the City’s Blueprint can be adapted for use in other communities. The forum will also explore the role the federal government can play in partnering with localities on youth violence.

In January 2008, we launched the Blueprint to Prevent Youth Violence, a multi-faceted, multi-year action plan to attack the core issues behind the violence being inflicted on and by too many young people in Minneapolis. The Blueprint views youth violence as a public health epidemic which can be prevented. In the year since launching this effort, progress has been made on all 34 action items in the Blueprint and youth violence has fallen by double-digits.

We have a lot to discuss and highlight and are so pleased that Congressman Ellison has taken an interest in this issue.


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