New website celebrates city living

An awesome new highly-interactive web site helps people who want to learn more about city living in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The site showcases all of the cities’ neighborhoods, and educates people about home purchase/renovation incentives. The site is also a destination for people who already live here to share their enthusiasm for city living, find home renovation loan and grant programs, and stay current on local events and entertainment.

Simply put, is a comprehensive one-stop web site that celebrates city living and showcase the many opportunities available to enjoy life in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. According to the National Association of Realtors, 94% of homebuyers aged 25-44 years (61% of the homebuyer market) used the Internet to search for homes. The same study also reports that one in five buyers in the same age bracket use social networking sites every day.

Visitors to the website can link to Live MSP’s Facebook and Twitter pages and search real estate listings through the “Find a Neighborhood” feature on and, a website created by the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers featuring quality, affordable homes.

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are joined at their borders, connected by major thoroughfares and a reliable and growing transit system. Both cities are known for their world-class natural, recreational, and cultural amenities. By working together, we hope to reduce residential vacancy, increase our cities’ resource base, and improve vitality and environmental outcomes by encouraging homeownership in existing, compact, walkable, neighborhoods. The web site is being funded by the Family Housing Fund, a non-profit with a mission to provide safe, affordable, sustainable homes to families and children in the MSP metro by partnering with the public and private sectors.


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