Minneapolis reports green progress

For the 4th year in a row, the City of Minneapolis has released its GreenPrint report, an annual update on the work to make Minneapolis a more sustainable place. The innovative and nationally recognized report measures our ecologically friendly practices. The GreenPrint report provides a realistic framework for protecting and enhancing our environment based around 11 key environmental indicators.  In the 2008 report, the City of Minneapolis:

  • Added an indicator that focuses on green jobs to define, develop and track the green job economy in the city. City investments will provide strategic job opportunities in areas such as green construction, transportation, food production, energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy.
  • Met its target for zero combined sewer overflows all year during rainstorms – for the second year in a row. Upgrades to the sewer system in Minneapolis have resulted in a dramatic reduction in overflows, which are harmful to our lakes and river.
  • Adopted an ordinance that restricts vehicle idling in the city and raises awareness about the effects of vehicles on global warming and air quality.
  • Supported biking as a transportation choice by adding more trails, building the Midtown Bike Center, launching the Bike Walk Ambassador program and revising the zoning code to require bicycle parking for most building developments.
  • Awarded a second year of climate change grants to support grassroots efforts motivating residents and businesses to take action to reduce global warming.
  • Completed the City Hall and Courthouse building’s 5,000-square-foot green roof with plantings as part of a waterproofing and storm-water management project. Plants will be irrigated with rainwater from a 10,000 gallon cistern installed as part of the project.

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