Moving aggressively on recovery funds

The City of Minneapolis is moving quickly and aggressively to ensure that federal economic recovery dollars create jobs in Minneapolis and the region. Of the $787 billion dollars included in the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, some will go to cities and states through a competitive grants process, and I am working to ensure that the City works strategically to secure those grants. The Recovery Act presents tremendous opportunities for Minneapolis, but we have to be smart and strategic about the funding we seek and how we use it. Not only will this create and save jobs, but investing this money now will put us on even stronger footing to grow our economy in the future.

We have developed a strategy to seek federal funding to preserve and create jobs with investments that make Minneapolis and the region more economically competitive. Over the next several months, Minneapolis will apply for funding for a variety of critical projects and initiatives – from public safety and infrastructure to technology and building a green economy. We have created a City Economic Recovery Action Team made up of leaders from various City departments to guide the City’s application process for federal funds. We will also partner with regional and state government, the nonprofit and private sectors, and the community to compete for federal funding.

Our economic recovery strategy focuses on securing funding in several strategic areas:

  • Protecting public safety gains
  • Retaining and creating jobs, and preparing workers
  • Modernizing infrastructure
  • Leveraging Minneapolis’ wireless and technology infrastructure
  • Supporting people and communities most impacted by the economic downturn
  • Expanding our green economy and building a greener Minneapolis
  • Promoting regional competitiveness and efficiencies

One of the early grant deadlines coming up is the  Byrne grant that would provide funding to prevent and reduce juvenile violent crime. Another portion of the Byrne grant would be used to enhance police forensics and crime investigations. Fortunately, our aggressive efforts to reduce youth violence are much more developed than nearly any other major city and we intend to compete well for these dollars.

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