Minneapolis helps fight Red River Flood

Minneapolis employees from Emergency Preparedness, Animal Control, and the Fire Department are providing their expertise and assistance in Moorhead, which faces spring flooding that is expected to become even more serious in the coming days.

Emergency Preparedness Director Rocco Forte is among the group of Minneapolis staffers who are helping in the Red River Valley as the flooding danger grows. Since Monday, three Emergency Preparedness staff members have been in Moorhead helping coordinate evacuation planning. In addition, a Minneapolis Animal Control agent and truck were deployed to Moorhead Thursday to assist in pet evacuation and rescue efforts. Beginning Saturday, four additional Emergency Preparedness staff, including Director Rocco Forte, will also travel to Moorhead. Forte will work out of the Clay County Emergency Operations Center that has been opened to deal with the flooding.

Minneapolis Emergency Preparedness is part of a metro area Incident Management Team that pools together emergency preparedness and planning experts from around the metro who can be called upon to assist in emergency situations. As part of the Incident Management Team, staff from Minneapolis also assisted during flooding in Iowa in 2008.


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