A beacon of change in north Minneapolis


    I was so excited to deliver my State of the City speech today at Coloplast, a shining example of the kind of long overdue change that’s coming to north Minneapolis. Get this: Coloplast is a Denmark-based global medical device company that recently moved its North American headquarters onto the west shore of the Mississippi River in north Minneapolis! They’ve built a beautiful new $35 million campus (with construction workers from the northside) that will be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Silver, will include one of the company’s three global Innovation Centers, and will house approximately 500 employees in sales, marketing, research and development. Plus they have an greement with the City to hire lots of north Minneapolis residents.

     Coloplast has operations in 30 different countries, but right here in Minneapolis they are reinventing the Upper River and the surrounding neighborhoods of the northside. This incredible place is now an avenue for local residents to become employed at one of the most successful medical device companies in the world. 

     Anyone who doubts what a global economy can do for Minneapolis should drive by the new Coloplast builing on West River Road just north of Plymouth Avenue. Minneapolis’ business and city leaders have tried for decades to move a major employer into north Minneapolis and it finally happened because of a company from Denmark. Thank you, Coloplast, for showing us that the global economy can be a world of opportunity right in our own back yard!

To learn more about the excitement behind Coloplast coming to north Minneapolis, check out the great article about it in Finance and Commerce.


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