More people starting new businesses

According to City of Minneapolis records, new business start ups are on the rise; often a positive trend during tough economic times as people who’ve lost their job decide to go out on their own. During the week of March 6th, 72 business start-ups were registered with the City. Fortunately, there’s almost no better place to start a business than Minneapolis. Two reasons: money and guidance.

The City offers many different unique and innovative small business financing tools ranging from $1,000-$10 million, including low interest loans, gap financing, capital acquisition loans and façade improvement grants. Along with financing, City staff from more than a dozen different departments are coordinated through Minneapolis Development Review to help entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the ins and outs of starting a new business: how to get financing, where to locate, what you need to build, or how to craft a marketing and business plan; they’ll even help you make your business greener. With help from the City of Minneapolis, you too could see your dream business come true!