An education giant in our midst

Kudos to the Downtown Journal for a great story in their most recent edition about the on-line education success story of Capella University, the new namesake of Minneapolis’ tallest building. “At a time when most of Downtown’s biggest companies are shrinking, Capella University is growing,” the article aptly opens.  Although you might not have heard much about it, Capella now has 1,150 administrative employees, quickly becoming one of Downtown’s top 10 largest companies — and it’s growing. With more than 26,000 students worldwide, Capella needed to double the size of its space at 225 South Sixth — now called the Capella Tower. In 2003 Capella entered the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame after being named one of America’s 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies for the fifth year in a row. Capella University is a great example of why Minneapolis is a national education leader, why education is one of our city’s largest job sectors, and why this is a great place to grow a big idea from scratch and make it succeed.


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